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River Cruise

Drift Along Iconic Rivers

River cruising in Europe presents a charming tapestry of travel, weaving together the continent's rich history, cultural treasures, and breathtaking landscapes. Drifting along iconic rivers like the Danube, Rhine, and Seine, you'll encounter an intimate and immersive journey that unfolds like a storybook. Imagine gliding past medieval castles, picturesque villages, and vineyard-covered hillsides that have witnessed centuries of European life. Each day brings a new chapter, as you step ashore to explore charming towns and iconic cities, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of your river cruise ship. Delight in the region's culinary delights, savoring local wines and delectable cuisine that reflect the diverse cultures you encounter. With an ambiance of relaxation and exploration, river cruising in Europe offers an unparalleled way to connect with the heart of the continent, creating memories that linger long after the journey ends.

Sample Itinerary

The Blue Danube Discovery Cruise
with Avalon Waterways

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY hungary-4544781_1920_e

Day 1: Budapest, Hungary, Embarkation and onboard welcome reception 

Day 2: Vienna, Scenic sailing, pass through Bratislava, free time in Vienna in the evening

Day 3: Vienna, Guided sightseeing walk

Day 4: Dürnstein-Wachau Valley-Melk,

Guided tour in Dürnstein or a hike up to the castle ruins
Scenic cruise through the Wachau Valley
Guided tour of the Benedictine Abbey in Melk 
Onboard - Wine Tasting 


Day 5: Passau, Guided Walk
Day 6: Regensburg, Guided walk of Altes Rathus (Old Town Hall)

Day 7: Roth
Guided sightseeing in Roth or
Guided tour in Nuremberg, or
Nuremberg Rally Grounds tour 

Day 8: Nuremberg, Disembarkation

Your cruise ends this morning
Add Budapest or Prague to your cruise 


River vs Ocean Cruises

River Cruises

  • Navigates inland waterways, such as rivers and canals.

  • Smaller vessels, creating an intimate atmosphere.

  • Ports in city centers, making it easy to access.

  • Scenic cruising through picturesque landscapes and towns.

  • Calmer waters, leading to smoother sailing.

  • Emphasis on cultural immersion.

  • Smaller guided group tours.

  • Onboard focusing on enrichment programs.

  • Opportunities to experience local cuisine and wine.

Ocean Cruises

  • Sails across open oceans and seas.

  • Larger ships, offering a wide range of amenities.

  • Ports can vary from city centers to remote areas.

  • Vast and ever-changing ocean views. 

  • Diverse onboard entertainment, including shows, casinos, and activities.

  • Variety of international culinary options.

  • Focus on relaxation, with extensive spa, fitness, and recreational options.

  • Possibility of rough seas due to open waters and weather conditions.



Avalon Envision River Cruise Ship



Crown Princess Cruise Ship

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.”

– Matthew Karsten

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